404 Price List | PMI Appointments

Price List


Amount of Appointments Cost per Appointment Data Records Required Cost per Record Total Cost Cost per Appointment
10 £180 100 £7.20 £2520 £252
20 £170 200 £7.20 £4840 £242
30 £160 300 £7.20 £6960 £232
50 £150 500 £6.50 £10750 £215
70 £140 700 £6.00 £14000 £200
100 £130 1000 £5.50 £18500 £185


All appointments will:

• Be with companies reviewing or renewing their Group Private Medical Insurance policies within the next 3 months.
• Have 3 plus members on the policy.
• Be a mixture of Face to Face and Telephone appointments and be generated with qualified decision makers only.


• Once an appointment has been generated you will be sent the detailed information via email.
• You will then need to send an email confirmation to the prospect confirming the date/time etc.
• Any addition instructions to be carried out will be detailed in the ‘NOTES’ e.g.call prospect a day prior to appointment- etc.
• Once appointment has been ‘passed over’- all administration and correspondence becomes brokers responsibility.
• Appointments will be replaced if cancelled by the prospect.
• Appointments will not be replaced if broker : Rebooks, reschedules, changes or amends a confirmed appointment.
• Or, if email confirmations have not been sent out on the day/time specified.
• Or, if addition instructions in the NOTES not carried out on the day/time specified.



Group: £10 per record
Individual: £7 per records

Our Data is:

• Generated to order
• Available across the UK.
• Minimum purchase order is 300.
• Records are sold based on the number of employees and amount of members on scheme.
• All records are exchanged or replaced if they are:
• Wrong numbers, dead lines or irrelevant record
• Replacements may be changed with different renewal dates. (Subject to availability)
• An additional fee of 80 pence per record is charged for specific locations requested.
• Payments to be made upon receipt of invoice.
• Non-refundable